• Firing Handle (for Dragster Electronic Race System) - Race System - Activity Based Supplies

    Firing Handle (for Dragster Electronic Race System)

    Firing Handle (for Dragster Electronic Race System) Use this with our electronic race system.  The action button accurately triggers the start gate and activates the dragsters. Black Durable Construction Red Action Buttons Long Cord

  • Electronic Race System - Race System - Activity Based Supplies

    Electronic Race System

    Electronic Race System This system is the best value for the features. It offers you a true electronic fire...not a slammer bar!  This allows you to race with a true start and not the "croquet" start like so many other systems. The starting alignment of both cars can be adjusted so your shorter cars are not at a disadvantage. You will love the winning lane indicator and the shown times of both dragsters to the 1000th of a second at the start gate.  You won’t have to be running down the to the brake gate to get results! Additionally, your systems Christmas Tree start can be adjusted for a tr...

  • Apple Barrel Essentials 12 Color Paint Set - Finishing - Activity Based Supplies

    Apple Barrel Essentials 12 Color Paint Set

    This particular Apple Barrel Essentials 12 Color Paint Set is a selection of 12 of the most popular colors in Matte Finish Acrylic paints! Apple Barrel Colors are the crafter's choice for quality, selection, consistency, and value.  The versatile, all-purpose acrylic paint is ideal for craft projects of all kinds and works on most porous surfaces: wood, plaster, tin, craft foam, Styrofoam, terracotta, and more.  These properties make a great choice if you're looking to hand paint your Co2 Car, Mouse-trap Vehicle, DIY project, Classroom or STEM activity, as well as many other crafts and work...

    $9.00 Sold Out
  • Styro-Cutter (Aluminum Styrofoam Cutter) - Miscelanious - Activity Based Supplies

    Styro-Cutter (Aluminum Styrofoam Cutter)

    Styro-Cutter (Aluminum Styrofoam Cutter) The solid aluminum unit contains a low-voltage heating wire to cut and shape Styrofoam. Power is activated by a foot pedal keeping both hands free to work. Wire cools quickly to the touch within a few seconds. This is one of our custom signature products; Produced by Activity Based Supplies.   Made of solid construction aluminum sheet Heat stamped cutting lines Foot pedal activated Auto shut-off Plugs into 110 outlet

  • Dowel Rods (25 pcs) - Miscelanious - Activity Based Supplies

    Dowel Rods (25 pcs)

    Dowel Rods (25 pcs) Each bundle is 36" long Available diameters include: 1/4" 3/8" 1/2" 3/4"  

    $12.75 - $51.50
  • Artists Brushes - Miscelanious - Activity Based Supplies

    Artists Brushes

    This set contains 144 camel hair brushes with plastic handles - 24 of each size (1-6).

  • Gray Cable (for Electric Race System) - Race System - Activity Based Supplies

    Gray Cable (for Electric Race System)

    Gray Cable (for Electric Race System) This Cable is used to connect your Electric Race System.  

  • 100 Grit Sandpaper (100 pack) - Miscelanious - Activity Based Supplies

    100 Grit Sandpaper (100 pack)

    100 Grit Sandpaper (100 pack)

  • Metal Razor Knife - Miscelanious - Activity Based Supplies

    Metal Razor Knife

    Metal Razor Knife Includes One Razor Blade   Razor Replacement Blades Sold Separately.

  • Engineers Wood Glue, Blue 16 oz -  - Activity Based Supplies

    Engineers Wood Glue, Blue 16 oz

    Students will see the glue joints and their projects with this Turquoise colored glue. Genuine non-toxic wood glue bonds permanently and cleans up quickly. It comes in a 16-ounce squeeze bottle with applicator tip.   The Photo may not represent the actual size of the container.

  • Woodworking Tool Set - Miscelanious - Activity Based Supplies

    Woodworking Tool Set

    Woodworking Tool Set Comes with several different wood blades including a saw blade.  Great all around set.

  • Graph Paper (25/Pack) -  - Activity Based Supplies

    Graph Paper (25/Pack)

    Graph Paper (25/Pack)

  • Complete Launch System - Rockets - Activity Based Supplies

    Complete Launch System

    Complete Launch System Includes electronic launch controller and sturdy launch pad. For all skill levels. Features Include: Blinking Arming Light Beeping Armed Alarm Deluxe Safety Key Sure Grip Design 15ft of Launch Cable

  • Firing Pins - (pair) -  - Activity Based Supplies

    Firing Pins - (pair)

    Firing Pins - (pair)

  • Balsa Square Sticks 1/4”x1/4"x24" - Miscelanious - Activity Based Supplies

    Balsa Square Sticks 1/4”x1/4"x24"

    1/4“ x 1/4” x 24” Square Balsa Sticks. (25 per bundle) Use these for crafts, construction, and anything you can build or imagine. Be creative.

  • Paint Stand (For Co2 Dragsters) - Dragster Parts and Accessories - Activity Based Supplies

    Paint Stand (For Co2 Dragsters)

    Paint Stand (For Co2 Dragsters) Has a easy turn feature so you can easily, in a single motion rotate and paint your car making the perfect paint job. This stand allows students to easily paint their dragster. The durable ABS plastic stand holds your car in the perfect painting angles. Contains an expired CO2 cartridge to hold the dragster while painting.  

  • Hobby Knife Set -  - Activity Based Supplies

    Hobby Knife Set

    Hobby Knife Set

  • Foamboard White 20"x30" -  - Activity Based Supplies

    Foamboard White 20"x30"

    Foamboard White 20"x30"

  • Brake Gate -  - Activity Based Supplies

    Brake Gate

    Brake Gate For Manual or Electric Race System The same "car saving" Brake Gate as the electronic version.  This system indicates the winning lane with a red light on the brake gate. Brake Gate has soft brushes to help gently stop the car to ensure no damage occurs. Made of heavy duty Metal and welded for extra strength, you won't have to worry about damaging this unit like you might with other plastic versions. The simplicity of this unit is one it's biggest selling points and advantages, it just works. *This is a brake gate by itself, what is shown in the picture is a complete system.  I...

  • Static Structure Tester - Miscelanious - Activity Based Supplies

    Static Structure Tester

    Static Structure Tester Works with Bass and Balsa Bridge Kits. Allows you to test your bridge and see how much it holds. You can use with water or sand to slowly add weight to test.  

  • Razor Knife Repl. Blades -  - Activity Based Supplies

    Razor Knife Repl. Blades

    Razor Knife Repl. Blades

  • Multi Temp Jr. Glue Gun - Miscelanious - Activity Based Supplies

    Multi Temp Jr. Glue Gun

    Multi Temp Jr. Glue Gun

  • Multi Temp Glue Slugs - Miscelanious - Activity Based Supplies

    Multi Temp Glue Slugs

    ● List 1 ● List 2 ● List 3 ● List 4 ● List 5

  • Cool Melt Glue Slugs -  - Activity Based Supplies

    Cool Melt Glue Slugs

    Great for assembling your class projects.  You should also get our hot glue gun and you'll be set.

  • Elevated Race Track (For Co2 Dragsters) - Race System - Activity Based Supplies

    Elevated Race Track (For Co2 Dragsters)

    Add even more excitement to your race day! This sturdy, elevated wood track is sleek black with black leg stands. Our track accommodates both race system gates (electronic or manual), which fit securely on the track with bolts. It meets all TSA regulations. The Race System Track breaks down into 9 - 8' sections with the legs folding under for flat storage. * Unit ships via truck line. Please call for a quote on freight charges! There is a $75.00 crate charge included in this price. * Electronic/Manual Race System is not included with this track.

  • Keyboard Cover -  - Activity Based Supplies

    Keyboard Cover

    Keyboard Cover