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This system is the best value for the features. It has true electronic fire…not a slammer bar! This allows the cars a true start and not the “croquet” start like so many other systems. The starting alignment of both cars can be adjusted so shorter cars are not at a disadvantage. The winning lane and times of both dragsters show to the 1000th of a second at the start gate. No more running down the to the brake gate to get results! Additionally, the Christmas Tree start can be adjusted for a true reflex pace or make it so reflex is not an issue by starting both cars when the first trigger is fired. There is even a mechanism to “red light” a car thus stopping it from firing when the starting trigger is pushed before the green light comes on (Note – green light comes on only in individual mode, not dual mode).

When you compare systems…this one has excellent features at an affordable price.

*Elevated Race Track shown above is not included.


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