B50-Pk, Basswood w/o Foam

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Bulk Pack of 50 Basswood Dragster Kits (w/o foam)!

Now you can order bulk pack LSRAV/Metric dragsters in quantities of ten, so you can get closer to the exact amount you need for your class. If you have 97 students, you can order two of these bulk packs.

Kits include – (50) 12″ Basswood blanks, (50 sets) Front & Rear Spoke Wheels, (50) Instruction Guides, (50) CO2 Cartridges, (50 sets) Axle Washers, (50 sets) Steel Axles, (50 sets) Screw Eyes, (50 pcs.) Sandpaper, (50 pcs.) Graph paper.

**Please note, our Dragster bulk packs do not contain individual kit boxes**

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